For hire or sale

We now offer a variety of plant and machinery for hire.

Wood chipper

Wood Chipper for hire

Powerful industrial wood chipper for hire with operator. For enquiries please call 042 9662281 or email Suitable for timber up to 8″ diameter.
stump removal

Tree stump removal for hire

Tree Stump Planer Attachment for Auger Torque – available for hire with or without an operator. For enquiries, please call 042 9662281, or email Remove any tree stump with minimal effort and noise with the Auger Stump Planer. Not only does the Stump Planer mak

McConnell Robocut for hire

Available for hire with operator. For enquiries, please call 0429662281 or email The McConnel Robocut is a high performance, versatile tracked mower. Suited best in harsh environments and working within dangerous conditions. Certain terrain is deemed too dangerous f

Augers for sale or hire

Selection of auger attachments for sale or hire An auger is a spiral drilling device, or drill bit, that acts as a screw conveyor to remove the drilled out material. Powered augers are used predominantly in the agriculture, landscaping, construction and utility industries. They are co
Vemeer Mud Mixing System

Vemeer Mud Mixing System

For SaleVemeer DT750 Mud Mixing System
Road Plates

Steel Road Plates

For Hire Steel road plates are designed to offer a temporary surface whilst roadworks are being complete. It allows the covering of trenches or holes, enabling vehicle access. they are also suitable for pedestrian areas lessening the risk of accidents falls. Suitable for Spec For pric
Concrete Mixer and Pump

Concrete Mixer & Pump

For Sale Portable concrete mixing and pumping unit on wheels The B100xp will pump concrete with aggregates up to 25 mm (1 inch), spray traditional mortar and fibre-reinforced mortar, self-levelling floor screed and light concrete with or without polystyrene, spray gunite, inject cemen
Pipe Burster

Pipe Burster

Burst from 110mm to 200mm 100m of rod including splitter and back reamer Please call PJ on 087 2544724 for more information    
2 tonne bottom driven piling rig

Bottom Driven Piling Rig

2009- 2 tonne bottom driven piling rig. Suitable for underpinning and piling work. Capable of driving a 400mm mini pile Please call PJ on 087 2544724 for more information